CMOS RGB Colour Sensor with a Dark Current Compensation Circuit

Arjuna Marzuki


This article presents the design and development of a Red, Green, Blue (RGB) Colour Sensor with a dark current compensation circuit. The proposed design employs a new approach to eliminate the conventional low pass filter, where it is normally required to integrate the pulsating signal. This is accomplished by employing switched capacitor circuit techniques. The whole sensor design is implemented by using 0.35 μm CMOS technology. A covered photodiode is used to derive a proportional to dark current common mode voltage or compensated common mode voltage, Vdvcm. The measured performance of the sensor when it is used as an optical feedback solution for a light emitting diode (LED) backlighting system is very promising. The colour point accuracy, = 0.002, while colour point drift over temperature is less than 0.008 at 50 °C. The maximum reduction of 36 mV output voltage error is observed when the Vdvcm is applied to the single to differential circuit. The overall power consumption of the fabricated sensor is 7.8 mW. The Vdvcm concept can be applied to other similar circuitry such as temperature-sensitive circuits.


Integrated Circuit, RGB Sensor, Current Integration, dark current cancellation

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