A High Voltage Gain Multiport Zeta-Zeta Converter for Renewable Energy Systems

sridhar ramasamy, Ilambirai Raghavan Chandran, Chellammal Nallaperumal


In this paper, a zeta-zeta coupled non-isolated multiport converter is proposed and implemented. The new dc-dc       multiport converter discussed here facilitates the access of two renewable energy sources in the input side and a single output. Zeta converter topology facilitates high voltage gain with a reduced output voltage ripple. Multiport converters have become very prominent in recent past due to the prevalent establishments of distributed energy resources. Therefore in research arena there is no literature evidence for Zeta –Zeta converters used in multiport converters. This research work emphasize on suggesting a Zeta-Zeta       multiport converter with reduced number of switches. The proposed converter is simulated in MATLAB/ Simulink environment and is also realized as a hardware prototype. The voltage gain and efficiency of the proposed circuit is compared with its            counterpart multiport topologies. The simulation and hardware results show that the proposed topology is having a clear edge on its counter parts in voltage gain and efficiency. The proposed converter indisputably assures the utmost use of renewable energy resources.


renewable energy; dc-dc converter; multiport converter; zeta converter; photovoltaic; battery.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33180/InfMIDEM2020.306


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