Mixed-mode universal filter using FD-CCCTA and its extension as shadow filter

Divya Singh, Sajal K. Paul


This paper presents a fully differential current conveyor cascaded transconductance amplifier (FD-CCCTA), a modified version of FD-second generation current conveyor (FD-CCII). After that, a novel mixed-mode universal filter (UF) is developed employing only one FD-CCCTA. It results in all the four modes of UFs, namely current mode (CM), voltage mode (VM), transimpedance mode (TIM), and transadmittance mode (TAM). Moreover, this filter topology is extended to two mixed-mode universal shadow filters. The first shadow filter topology realizes the VM and CM universal filters. The second mixed-mode universal shadow filter realizes all four modes. The proposed shadow filters add flexibility in the orthogonal tuning of filter parameters,  and . Further, the gain of the shadow filter can be tuned electronically. Matching constraint is not required in any of the filters' realization. The functional verifications have been performed using TSMC 180 nm technology in cadence virtuoso spectre


FD-CCCTA; FD-CCII; mixed-mode; shadow-filter

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33180/InfMIDEM2022.404


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