Low-Voltage Highly Linear Floating Gate MOSFET Based Source Degenerated OTA And Its Applications

Rishikesh Pandey, Tanmay Dubey


The paper proposes a novel low-voltage highly linear floating gate MOSFET based source degenerated OTA. The low voltage operation of the proposed OTA is achieved by using floating gate MOSFETs as input transistors and the linearity is increased by using source degeneration linearization technique. The proposed OTA has low power supply requirement of ±0.6V, rail-to-rail input differential voltage range and wide bandwidth of 1.472 GHz. The applications of the proposed OTA such as active inductor, tunable resistors and filters are also proposed. Finally, the simulation results of the proposed circuits using typical parameters of UMC 0.18μm CMOS technology are depicted to confirm the theoretical analysis.

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