Implementation of VIP for bus interface logic of 32 bit processor using

David Neels Pon Kumar D, ARUN SAMUEL T.S


A verification environment to verify an ARM based SoC is proposed in this work. This work introduces the design of a Verification Intelluctual Property (VIP) of Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA).  AMBA protocols are today the best standards for 32 bit processor because they are well documented and can be used without royalties. The Verification Intelluctual Property (VIP) provides Coverage Driven Verification (CDV) which significantly reduces the design verification time. The code coverage verification of the AHB bus master, Icache controller, Dcache controller and APB peripherals such as APB bridge, timer, UART and ACE is done in this work. The test cases done for the APB peripherals are ACE with the mil_std_protocol, Timers for generation of interrupt and watchdog reset, UART for transmit and receive messages, and interrupt registers for Read and Write. The functional verification of AMBA is carried out using the Mentor Graphics Questasim tool withs the system verilog language.


Verification Intellectual Property; AMBA; Coverage Driven Verification; timer; ACE; UART; system verilog

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