Elliptically polarized frequency agile antenna on ferroelectric substrate

Sebastjan Glinsek, Vladimir Furlan, Tanja Pecnik, Matjaz Vidmar, Brigita Kmet, Barbara Malic


A low-profile, compact and frequency-tunable antenna made on ferroelectric substrate is presented. It is designed as a planar dipole antenna with an IDC varactor integrated in the signal line. Antenna is fed through a coplanar waveguide matched to 50 Ω. The center frequency can be tuned from 6.895 GHz to 7.050 GHz. It exhibits elliptical polarization and omnidirectional radiation pattern.


Frequency-tunable antenna; ferroelectric thin films; (Ba,Sr)TiO3

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33180/InfMIDEM2018.405


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