Analog / RF Performance Analysis of Nanometer Negative Capacitance FDSOI Transistors

Peng Si, Kai Zhang, Tianyu Yu, Zhifeng Zhao, Weifeng Lyu


The negative capacitance field-effect transistor can break the limitation of the Boltzmann tyranny. In this study, the analog and radio-frequency (RF) performance of a nanometer negative-capacitance fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (NC-FDSOI) transistor is investigated. The analog/RF parameters of the NC-FDSOI device are compared with the conventional FDSOI counterparts for transconductance, output conductance, gate capacitance, cutoff frequency, and maximum oscillation frequency. In addition, the effect of ferroelectric thickness on the analog/RF performance of NC-FDSOI device is analyzed and discussed. The results show that even when operated at low voltages, NC-FDSOI transistors enable analog/RF performance improvement in traditional FDSOI counterparts at low power in the case of a suitable ferroelectric thickness.


negative capacitance effect; NC-FDSOI transistor; analog / RF Performance; ferroelectric capacitance

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