Single VDGA-Based Dual-Mode Multifunction Biquadratic Filter and Quadrature Sinusoidal Oscillator

Orapin Channumsin


This article relates to the realization of voltage-mode and/or current-mode multifunction biquadratic filter and quadrature oscillator circuits each using one voltage differencing gain amplifier (VDGA), two resistors and two grounded capacitors.  The proposed dual-mode filter having one output and three inputs can provide the three standard biquadratic transfer functions with both voltage and current output filter responses simultaneously.  It also has the independent tuning of the angular resonance frequency and the quality factor.  With a slight modification of the proposed filter, a new dual-mode quadrature sinusoidal oscillator can be obtained.  The proposed quadrature oscillator provides orthogonal resistive/electronic control of both oscillation condition and oscillation frequency.  Non-ideal and parasitic conditions are also examined and their effects on the circuit performance are discussed.  In order to confirm the theory, several computer simulation results with PSPICE program are given.


Voltage Differencing Gain Amplifier (VDGA); biquadratic filter; quadrature oscillator; dual-mode operation; voltage-mode circuit; current-mode circuit

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