Improved current mode biquadratic shadow universal filter

Divya Singh, Sajal K. Paul


 In this paper, an improved single-input-multiple-output (SIMO) current-mode biquadratic shadow universal filter (SUF) is realized using two new variants of second-generation current conveyors (CCIIs), namely current conveyor cascaded transconductance amplifier (CCCTA) and extra-X current controlled conveyor transconductance amplifier (EX-CCCTA).  The low pass and the band pass outputs of a non-shadow universal filter (NSUF), consisting of CCCTA, are utilized through two amplifiers' feedback paths using one EX-CCCTA to realize the proposed SUF. It is resistorless and uses two grounded capacitors only. All the five standard responses of SUF, such as low pass (LP), high pass (HP), band pass (BP), band-reject (BR), and all pass (AP), are obtained through the proposed circuit simultaneously. The important achievement of SUF over the NSUF is the ease of orthogonal tuning of the pole frequency (wo) and quality factor (Qo) with the bias current of CCCTA and EX-CCCTA. It is suitable for full cascadability because of proper input and output impedances. Moreover, it eases the integrated circuit implementation because of all grounded capacitors and no resistor. It does not possess any component matching constraints and consumes only 3.73mW power. The theoretical results have been validated through 180nm technology in Cadence Virtuoso.


CCCTA; EX-CCCTA; CCII; CM universal filter; CM shadow universal filter

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