Study of Epitaxial Thickness and Resistivity Effect on P-i-N for beyond 300 V Application of Power Switching Diode

Khairuddin Arshad


A discrete power switching device used in the applications of computer and telecommunications requires operating less than 300 V, but for the use of motor control, robotics, and power distribution, it requires operating at beyond 300 V. To widen the operating range of the power switching avalanche diode that can be operated more than 300 V, we studied the effects of the thickness and resistivity of epitaxial layer during forward and reverse biasing by performing a process simulation and as well as the confirmation on the design of experiment (DOE) of physical wafers. The result shows that, the changes of the epitaxial layer thickness and resistivity on a P-i-N type structure of the power switching avalanche diode is improved and increased the breakdown voltage performance beyond 300 V during reverse bias. 


Forward voltage (VF) and Breakdown voltage (VBR), power device

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