A Novel Mix-Mode Universal Filter Employing a Single Active Element and Minimum Number of Passive Components

MOHAMMAD FASEEHUDDIN, Jahariah Sampe, Sadia Shireen, Sawal Hamid Md Ali


A Novel biquadratic mixed mode tunable universal filter is presented. The mix mode filter is based on a new versatile active element dual X current conveyor differential input transconductance amplifier (DXCCDITA). The filter is capable of realizing high pass (HP), low pass (LP), band pass (BP), notch pass (NP) and all pass (AP) responses in voltage mode (VM), current mode (CM) and trans-impedance mode (TIM). In trans-admittance (TAM) mode the filter can realize HP and BP responses. The striking feature of the design is that it is the first reported mix mode Multi Input Single Output (MISO) filter employing a single active element for the design. The requirement of passive elements for the design is also minimum, only two capacitors and two resistors. The second resistor is required only for obtaining TIM filter response. By properly exciting the filter structure with appropriate current or voltage signals the filter response in all four modes can be obtained. Additionally, VM response can be obtained both in inverting and non-inverting form simultaneously. The pole frequency and quality factor of the filter are tunable. The non-ideal and sensitivity analysis of the filter is conducted to further study the effect of process variability on the filter response. The filter is simulated in Spice using 0.35µm CMOS model parameters obtained from TSMC. Additionally, the DXCCDITA is also constructed using P-spice macro models obtained from the manufactures of ICs AD844 and LM13700. The modelled DXCCDITA is used to simulated the VM filter response to further validate its performance.


Current mode; Current conveyor; Cascadable; Mix Mode Filter; Tunable

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