Subthreshold Modeling of Triple Material Gate-All-Around Junctionless Tunnel FET with Germanium and High-K Gate Dielectric Material

Lakshmi Priya


In this paper, a subthreshold analytical model for Triple Material Gate-All-Around (TMGAA) Junctionless Tunnel FET (JLTFET) with Germanium and High-K gate dielectric material is developed. Various performance metrics like Transconductance-to-Drain Current ratio, Subthreshold leakage current, and Subthreshold Swing are derived to model the subthreshold behavior of the device. The gate structure incorporates the effect of Germanium (Ge) and High-K gate dielectric material (Titanium Oxide) to combat the adverse effects imposed by the short channel. The subthreshold characteristics of Ge based JLTFET is compared with Silicon (Si) based TFET with SiO2 as gate dielectric. The results concede that the developed model is highly immune to hot carrier damage because of high transconductance-to-drain current ratio of 50V-1, minimal leakage current and subthreshold swing less than 40mV/dec. The results of the proposed analytical model are validated using 2-D Sentaurus TCAD device simulator.


Germanium;Junctionless; High-K gate dielectric; Hot Carrier Reliability; Tunnel FET; Transconductance-to-Drain Current ratio; Subthreshold Current; Subthreshold Swing.

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