VD-EXCCII Based Mixed Mode Biquadratic Universal Filter Employing Grounded Capacitors

Ramesh Mishra, Ganga Ram Mishra, Mohammad Faseehuddin, Jahariah Sampe


A recently developed active building block (ABB), namely Voltage Differencing Extra X current conveyor (VD-EXCCII), is used to design an electronically tunable mixed-mode universal filter. The filter provides low pass (LP), high pass (HP), band pass (BP), band reject (BR), and all pass (AP) responses in voltage-mode (VM), current-mode (CM), transimpedance-mode (TIM), and trans-admittance-mode (TAM). The filter employs two VDEXCCIIs, three resistors, and two capacitors. The attractive features of the filters include: (i) ability to operate in all four modes, (ii) use of grounded capacitors, (iii) tunability of Q factor independent of pole frequency, (iv) low output impedance for VM and TIM mode, (v) high output impedance explicit current output for CM and TAM and (vi) no requirement for double/negative input signals (voltage/current) for response realization. The VD-EXCCII and its layout is designed and validated in Cadence virtuoso using 0.18µm process design kit (PDK) at supply voltage of ±1.25 V. The operation of filter is examined at 16.42 MHz frequency. The non-ideal gain and sensitivity analysis is also carried out to study the effect of process and components spread on the filter performance. The obtained results bear a close resemblance with the theoretical findings.


Analog signal processing, mixed-mode filter, current conveyor, VD-EXCCII

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