Effect of a new methacrylic monomer on diode parameters of Ag/p-Si Schottky contact

Necati Basman


1-[4-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)phenyl]ethanone-O-methacryloyloxime (POEMO) is a new methacrylic monomer with side chain alkyne.  In this study, Ag/POEMO/p-Si Schottky metal-interlayer-semiconductor (MIS) diode was fabricated and its diode parameters were investigated. Using the forward bias current-voltage (I-V) characteristic, the ideality factor and barrier height of the MIS structure were found as 2.81 and 0.70 eV, respectively. The barrier height value of 0.70 eV obtained for Ag/POEMO/p-Si MIS diode was higher than the value of 0.64 of conventional Ag/p-Si Schottky diode. Cheung-Cheung and Norde methods were also used to extract ideality factor, barrier height and series resistance values, and the obtained results were compared.


Schottky diode; electrical characterization; methacrylic monomer

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