Voltage Mode Electronically Tunable Full-wave Rectifier

Predrag Bosko Petrovic


The paper presents a new realization of bipolar full-wave rectifier of input sinusoidal signals, employing one MO-CCCII (multiple output current controlled current conveyor), a zero-crossing detector (ZCD), and one resistor connected to a fixed potential. The circuit provides the operating frequency up to 10MHz with increased linearity and precision in processing of low-level input voltage signal, with a very low harmonic distortion. The errors related to the signal processing and errors bound were investigated and provided in the paper. The PSpice simulations are depicted and agree well with the theoretical anticipation. The maximum power consumption of the converter is approximately 2.83mW, at ±1.2V supply voltages.


bipolar transistor circuits, circuit analysis, circuit simulation, error analysis, rectifiers.

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