Superior Performance of a Negative-capacitance Double-gate Junctionless Field-effect Transistor with Additional Source-drain Doping

Zhifeng Zhao, Tianyu Yu, Peng Si, Kai Zhang, Weifeng Lyu


In this work, we propose a negative-capacitance double-gate junctionless field-effect transistor (NC-JLFET) with additional source-drain doping for the first time. Superior performance of the NC-JLFET due to source and drain doping concentration is explained in detail. Additionally, the effects of the drain induced barrier lowering (DIBL) and negative differential resistance (NDR) are precisely analyzed in the NC-JLFET. Sentaurus TCAD simulation demonstrates that the additional source-drain-doped NC-JLFET exhibits a higher on/off current ratio (ION/IOFF) and steeper subthreshold swing (SS < 60 mV/dec) compared to a traditional JLFET. Besides, the negative capacitance effect causes the internal voltage of the gate to be amplified, resulting in negative DIBL and NDR phenomena. Finally, the performance of NC-JLFET can also be optimized by choosing suitable ferroelectric material parameters, such as ferroelectric thickness, coercive field, and remnant polarization. Our simulation study provides theoretical and experimental support for further performance improvement of low-power NCFETs by local structure adjustment.


Negative-capacitance double-gate junctionless field-effect transistor; additional source-drain doping; on/off current ratio; subthreshold swing; drain induced barrier lowering

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